Get close to nature..., the Ziller valley offers the perfect opportunity. In the Ziller valley,  mountain climbers and mountain lovers find everything they need: easy walking , high alpine tours, hikes from hut to hut, glacier and rock faces. Around 1000 km walking routes and 800 km mountain bike tracks offer new nature experiences. Passing lush mountain pastures and tumbling waterfalls on the way up to a panorama view of 55 '3-thousanders', take in the Ziller and Tuxer alps and glacier, and the trevails of the ascent are forgotten!

The Ziller valley is one of the most varied hiking destinations.

High mountain nature park: the Ziller valley alps

The mountain nature park provides a place for peace and rejuvenation in the highly developed tourist area of the Ziller valley. Encompassing almost 400 km² this part of nature has priority. Experience wild and fascinating landscape, interwoven with human life and business.

Action, fun and wellness.

Enjoy being active in the Ziller valley, whether it be paragliding, breathtaking rafting and canyoning tours or simply wellness, swimming and sauna. The repertoire of sporting and physical activities is almost unlimited.